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News about the VFW 614 Write us! Friends of the VFW 614 All about the VFW 614

Friends of the VFW 614 (registered society)

The first West German Jet Airliner, the VFW 614, is a special point of resplendence in the history of German aviation and the Bremen aircraft industry. As the first civilian postwar project of VFW-Fokker, the follow-up company of Focke-Wulf, Weserflug and Heinkel, this progressive aircraft earns to never fall into oblivion.

A the following research projects with the VFW 614 also deserve large acknowledgment: The progressive flight control concept EFCS in the aircraft S/N G15 (Advanced Technologies Demonstrator ATD) and the research aircraft ATTAS of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Especially during the last few years it became obvious that the VFW 614 still has many supporters and friends. Therefore, in the year 2000 this VFW 614 related website was created which also contains a discussion board. The Friends of the VFW 614 then were established in the year 2001 on initiation of Joachim Kruth and Philipp Jordan - our webmaster.

The Friends of the VFW 614 want to make history, facts and news accessible to all VFW 614 supporters. In the beginning this only took place via the internet. In the meantime we consist of a group of aviation-inspired people and former aircraft manufacturers from development, systems engineering, construction, flight testing, program management and production line who now meet in Bremen on a regular basis in order to compare notes and keep the memory of the 614.

The Friends of the VFW 614 consist of all work members of Focke-Wulf, Weserflug, VFW-Fokker and the successor companies, which were involved in 614 project. In addition, friends of the VFW 614 are airline-pilots, aviation journalists, companies and other aviation-minded people world-wide.

The Stedinger Verlag publishing house in Lemwerder near Bremen has published a book concerning the VFW 614 which is beeing received very well.

Are you aviation-inspired and would you like to become further acquainted with the VFW 614’s history? Or you are particularly connected with this airplane; have you been involved in the design, construction, production line or in later projects around the VFW 614 maybe? Perhaps you are a media representative and would like to publish something about this topic?

Then become a member of the "Friends of the VFW 614"!

The registered society was founded in April 2006. Beeing a non-profit association our goal is:

  • Promotion of culture values in the area of the civilian transport aircraft program VFW 614, because the airplane has outstanding meaning for the aviation location Bremen. With the VFW 614 a new section in the postwar development of the German aircraft industry was introduced and a crucial milestone in history for the civilian aircraft construction in Germany was laid down.
  • In addition our association wants to archive aviation-historical background, testimonies and certifications over the program VFW 614 and aircraft type VFW 614.
  • We provide documentations to the "aviation-historical monument VFW 614" and support/promote the preservation of still existing airplanes of the type VFW 614.
  • The society wants to operate public relations work and be present on exhibitions, in media and in the Internet.
  • For members and society promotors meetings and trips are carried out.

The society understands itself as meeting place for every person, company and organization which is interested in the VFW 614 program.


  • Statute of the Freundeskreises VFW 614 e.V. / Friends of the VFW 614 (PDF document)
  • Member admission form for the Freundeskreis VFW 614 e.V. / Friends of the VFW 614 (PDF document)
  • Adobe Reader (for viewing and printing the above documents)

Restoration of the VFW 614 G15 which is placed on the visitor's terrace at Bremen airport

Annual reports by the Friends of the VFW 614 (registered society)

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